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A Prayer On the Go

Salvator Mundi



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Croisé sponsored Holy Hours will now be every Monday evening at the Cathedral at 7 PM. Stop in for part or the whole hour.

Daily Challenge

     The Holy Spirit was predicted and sent to the early believers so that they could continue the mission of revealing to the world the reality of God as a Holy Trinity and the value of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

       Told to go out and baptize in the name of the Trinity, the early Church would meet as much opposition as its founder. To believe in Christ is a gift of the Holy Spirit and to be able to move in the world by the light of Christ is also a gift of the Spirit. The Catholic Church was animated by the Spirit of God so that fear and intimidation would not stop the Good News from being proclaimed and lived.

     Fullness of life comes from this Spirit living in you and gifting you with abilities and wisdom that you cannot obtain on your own. It also draws you into a fraternity of other persons that you otherwise would have no connection to. So in every way the limitations of life are lifted by the work of the Spirit.

Saying OF The Month


"Son, you must diligently make it thy aim, that in every place and in every action, or outward employment, you be inwardly free and master of thyself, and that all things be under thee and not you under them."

The Imitation of Christ

Book III, Chapter 38

Steps to Examine Your Conscience

1.  Place yourself in the presence of God and adore Him.

2. Thank God.

3. Implore the light of the Holy Spirit through the intercession of Mary.

4. Discuss your faults

5. Finally repent and make your resolutions.

From the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard

St. Gabriel.jpg

St. Michael in Victory

His sword lowered and the world in his hand, St. Michael shares in Christ's victory on the Cross. Now the victory must be managed. Firstly, by sharing knowledge of it: to proclaim Jesus Christ crucified, risen and ever present to us in the power of the Holy Spirit especially in the Most Holy Eucharist which was  given to us by Our Lord as His last gift before He fulfilled His mission from the Father to die upon the Cross for the salvation of all souls. May this truth be shared with all in our lives.

The Quote of Quotes


"In the spiritual life we come upon certain roads and crossroads which we are free to follow for some time and abandon later on. But our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is the unchanging way to holiness..."

St. Peter Julian Eymard



     Oh, Holy Spirit, come and be with me this very moment. For I am weak and you make me strong. I am unwise and you bring me truth to handle whatever situation I find myself in.

     Take away fear and anxiety by letting me focus on the truth of eternity, the eternity of love and peace in the Father's house which I was promised by His Son, Jesus. Then I will be willing to give up the passing things of this world for that which does not rust and corrode nor pass between my fingers like the sands of the tide.

    I give you thanks for all you have given to me. Take me and carry me to whatever place you wish me to be so that I may fulfill the destiny you had for me before the day the world began. Amen

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