We are here to have a conversation. 

You may think it is one sided. It's not.

because in the end the conversation is between you and God.

God always  listens to everything you have to say. 

To learn how to do this we rely on many people who have had conversations with God in the past. Some were eminent scholars. Others were the simplest of souls. They are all saints.

We also, of course, learn to rely on God.

You probably have many questions. We are proposing answers to many things here at Croisé.

In the end we hope you will find new goals for your life and will form many objectives in order to accomplish them.

What Is Croisé

    Whatever brought you here we're glad it did. Let us introduce ourselves.  First the word croisé is a French fencing term. (Pronounced kwaa-zay.) In this fencing move the opponent's foil is aimed straight at the defender. The defender

catches the foil either

from above or below

and applies quick intense

pressure driving the foil

straight up or down. The

two blades are then in the form of a cross.

       There are many harmful things aimed at us in life. The key to being able to resist them is to be prepared beforehand. If we have gone through our lives distracted by our own plans and desires we may not even see the evil before us. This evil can be false religions that attempt to deny that God is offering each of us help. It can be political and educational influences which try to place equal value on all ideas about God including that there is no god. 

       Sometimes our own addictions which destroy health, finances and relationships are the worst. Or perhaps a personal relationship which either manipulates us or drains us such that we cannot accomplish things for God's Kingdom is our bane. Our own laziness can be fatal to us as well.

       When you are challenged in life or you feel the pressure of others upon you or your mistakes are taking their toll, what do you lift up to help you? It may be time for that conversation. 

    Each year we promise ourselves to do more and do better than we did last year: Croisé goes a step further to say "forget about the past except to learn from it, and jump into the new and the challenging RIGHT NOW.": Don't be a clinger. Let go and fall into the now....When? Now!

     This means you have to overcome the fear of the future.  Although at times fear can be the tool God uses to protect us from destruction it can misguide us and drive us away from what we should be doing instead of avoiding danger. Knowing what we are afraid of is a lifetime pursuit. To come to that point we are helped by the greatest example of trust ever presented: the suffering and death of Jesus of Nazareth.

     Choosing the action which is then allowed by that kind of trust means that we are willing to give up whatever we have allowed to support us in life. Therefore, we give it up and drop...and when we do we realize that God and His saints are there to support us. Just like the fellow in the photo we drop and we always have someone to cover our back.

     Fall into God and you will feel the greatest freedom of all. We are not drugged or distracted by lies, rather, we are free to fall into our destiny which is called The Kingdom of God.