Daily observations on life and God.

A Wednesday

       If love is patient and kind, never rude and endures all things maybe I do not love. Or not very well. Or not very much. How can I measure love? To give proper consideration of how I handled the opportunities God gave me to love today I must take this to prayer. Banging on a computer keyboard in a stream of consciousness is not enough. I must go before God to seek the answer to this question. To stop and ration my thoughts and memories of today and yesterday is what I must do. Then as the Holy Spirit leads me the many opportunities I was given will become more evident and then each one can be judged. What a bunch of work! Am I willing to take the time? Then when I see that I was impatient and unkind and rude what do I do about it? I will engage another effort of rationale. I will search the saints and see how they did it. There are so many and they wrote so much by God's hand I will never suffer from a lack of opportunity to learn from them. Nothing is easy!


All Souls Day

       Today I'm thinking about the many people who have dotted the roadside of my life. And some had great affect on me. Maybe they were sweet like both of my grandmothers, neither of which I can ever remember belittling me or mistreating me in any manner. I cannot remember ever being treated unfairly or in a lesser manner than any of my siblings or cousins. And I saw both of my grandmothers quite often all through my childhood far through college. I think of many others who have been kindly and generous through all the years of my life. Some were quirky and struggled to fit into the social order and others were learned and very successful in life. There were those who practically adopted me at different times in life: opening their homes and sharing countless meals. Many prayed for me. And now many of them are gone. They have died and today I realize that they will never be back. These characters of life who stuck out among others cannot be replaced. I am older. They have passed. Now i see that I must be that quirky  or generous person to others so that they can see God's love patterned into their lives. May the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace!


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